AIS Med-Rec

AIS Med-Rec

Digital centralized dictation solution that fully replaces the traditional dictation systems

AIS Med-Rec is part of our voice recording product range and can therefore fully integrated with other recording systems, such as call recording. This integration enables highly effective patient record management, where all patient’s recorded data, such as calls, phone appointment recordings and saved dictations, are stored in one highly secure central database.

Easy and Effective Dictations with AIS Med-Rec

AIS Med-Rec introduces significant benefits to organizations and individuals using dictation recording

Dictation provider and the person who transcribes the dictation can work independently of each other, even at different locations
No time spent physically moving dictation tapes
All dictations are stored in highly secured, centralized database
Dictations can be stored even for years
Extensive search filters, such as patients ID, time of dictation, doctor, clinic etc.
Integrable with phone recording system
Doesn’t require separate dictation device
Easily scalable

Recording dictations with AIS Med-Rec

Doctor dictates directly to AIS Med-Rec’s recorder application, using a microphone attached to a desktop or laptop computer.

With the application, the doctor can easily add required identifying information, such as patient’s ID or customer number, and also additional notes to the dictation.

Dictations are then automatically transferred to the central dictation database.

Dictations are stored encrypted in the Apresa Med-Rec database.

Dictations can be downloaded to be processed.

Easy playback software with the possibility to use a foot pedal.