All That Your Organization Needs for Call Recording

AIS Call-Rec

AIS Call-Rec is a cost effective call recording solution for any size organisations. It matches with all other call recording systems in, both, reliability and functionality.

AIS Call-Rec can be integrated to all communication systems.

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AIS-Cloud is an easy-to-use and effective call recording solution for Android devices. It is operator-independent and it includes versatile features for call recording, as well as, for data storage and handling.

All recorded call data is stored in our highly secured Finnish cloud service.

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AIS 4-Office

AIS 4-Teams is a versatile recording software for Microsoft Office 365 Teams calls.

With AIS 4-Teams, recording and processing MS Teams calls and meetings is easy, secure and efficient.


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AISCloud – The new, mobile network operator-independent, mobile recoding solution

AISCloud is a mobile network operator-independent mobile recording solution for Android devices, developed by AIS Finland and Consolida Ltd. Call recording with AISCloud is fully automatic or activated as record on demand, depending on organisation’s call recording policy. Using AISCloud, listening recordings and configuring user-specific settings, is effortless with the AISCloud app. Recordings are automatically …