New in Apresa: CSTA Connections for Unify Openscape Business, Openscape 4000 and the Avaya platform

Many of our partners have been asking for CSTA connectivity in the past. We are happy to announce that work is progressing and we can now offer CSTA connection to the main Unify platforms and the Avaya platform.

So what does that mean:
Usually recording is done by means of port-mirroring the data to APRESA. This is not always technically possible, for instance when phones are in a remote location and internal calls need to be monitored. Also in many cases not all relevant information can be seen by using port-mirroring. With a CSTA connection the recorder can ask the PBX to actively direct the call data and the call itself from the phones to the recorder. This means less unneeded network traffic and less infrastructural problems.

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