Main Standard Apresa features & functions


Access to the recordings

The recordings are all stored on the APRESA system and can be accessed through any normal web-browser. The GUI is protected by a user-code and password so each user can be setup to only access recordings that he or she is allowed to access. Normally the unit will be setup as a recording server and searching for calls and playback as well as setting up the unit will be done via web browser access. However if preferred it a also possible to use the APRESA itself to access the recordings without the need for a LAN connection.


Search parameters

Recordings can be searched by all parameters known about a call. These can be date, time, duration, dialled numbers, CLID, user ID, extension ID, IP-address, call direction or call notes. Specific combinations of parameters can be saved as quick query functions, to make it easier to perform identical searches each time.


Audit Trail

If wanted or needed the APRESA can keep a log to show who accesses the recorder and what recordings are played back. Especially in environments where integrity and privacy are to be protected this function is a valuable tool to verify all rules regarding recording and playback are followed.


Direct Monitoring Client

Included in the delivery of the APRESA system is a client program for “live” monitoring of the calls. This can be used by a supervisor to see which calls are active and listen to them while they are in progress.


APRESA Client software

Also included is the APRESA Client for Windows. This client gives the possibility to do screen recording during a call, manually add notes, start or stop a recording, tag the call to be stored or insert a silence in the recording. More features will be included in the future.



The APRESA is compatible with many VoIP protocols like SIP, H323, Siemens HFA, Avaya, AASTRA, Ericsson, UniStim (Nortel), H.248 Megaco, Cisco SCCP (Skinny), MS Lync 2013 and others. The APRESA is also compatible with many TDM Digital protocols. Supports CSTA Connections for Unify Openscape Business, Openscape 4000 and the Avaya platform.


Integration with other systems (APRESA API)

In many cases (compliance recording, security) using the APRESA as a standalone solution is enough. However the APRESA has the tools and possibilities to receive commands from third party software and share the recordings and other important data with CRM or DMS software. This way start, stop or silence commands can be initiated from the clients own software and recordings can be linked to the specific dossiers or customers automatically. The APRESA API is available free of charge.


Passive Recording / Active Recording (SIP / VoIP)

In most cases recording VoIP traffic is done by mirroring the VoIP data traffic to the recorder. But the APRESA can also use a so-called Active Recording profile, this works with an automated conference call setup in the PBX system. In that case the APRESA picks up like the third party in a call and starts recording. Active recording is not necessarily better than passive recording but it is especially useful in situations where port-mirroring is not easy or not possible.


Mobile Phone Recording

Recording mobile phones is sometimes just as important or needed as recording landlines or radio traffic. The APRESA supports several technologies suited for recording mobile phones:

  • Record & Store; the phone records the call and uploads it to the APRESA to be stored.
  • Record Direct; the call is routed through the APRESA Server to be recorded.

Since the variety of phone models and operating systems often require separate solutions contact AIS Finland for the possibilities.


Enterprise Recording setup (multiple locations)

If recordings need to be made in multiple locations, the APRESA recorders can be put into an Enterprise setup. This means the recordings will be made locally, but will be transferred into a centralised database / storage for easy access and archiving.



The APRESA system is a continuously evolving system, AIS Finland’s commitment is to add new interesting features and let our existing and
new customers benefit from a system that is always up to date. Upgrading and updating the APRESA can be done on- or offline from within the user interface.


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