Inbuilt additional features of AIS Call-Rec


Apart from being a reliable recording system that will record the calls with all available data, the AIS Call-Rec is fitted with a number of features needed in most recording applications. These features are all included to the APRESA system, free of charge!


  • Screen recording: This feature records the screen activity of the local user at the same time as the phone conversation. This allows accurate playback of interactions with clients during a conversation.
  • Store on Demand: This function provides the possibility to (at any time during the call) “tag” the call to be stored completely. Ideal for situations where both privacy and security issues must be satisfied. Calls that are not “tagged” will be automatically deleted to protect privacy.
  • Record on Demand: When you need to record only a specific part of the call this function is ideal. The agent (or application) can start a recording and stop it at any time during the call. Only the part that needs to be recorded will then be saved.
  • Silence on Demand: (PCI DSS Compliant recording): This function will allow the user (or the application) to introduce a silence period whilst the recording is running. This is particularly important when credit card details are exchanged in a phone call. Because the recording continues this function does not interfere with statistical information about the duration of calls. This function can be manually activated or automatically when needed.
  • Note editing during conversation or after: During or after a call the user can type a note or comment. This note will be saved together with the call in the AIS Call-Rec database. These notes can later be used in the search filter.
  • Definable search filters: Commonly used search filters can be defined and stored to save time when you need them. E.g. a search filter on agent “John”, for only outgoing calls, lasting longer then 90 seconds, with the word “sucess” in the note field.. can be saved under a one click search option.
  • Statistics for analysis: Various graphs are available in the AIS Call-Rec user interface to present statistical information about the calls. Since this information can also be generated while the filter is used it is easy to “drill down” to user specific details. The available data can also be exported in a .csv file and imported in Excel or other programs for further analysis.
  • Anger / emotion detection: The audio level of the recordings can be monitored and when a certain threshold is crossed a call can be tagged and a warning can be sent to a supervisor for evaluation of this call.
  • Fingerprinting MD5, SHA-1: Safety feature that will create a “fingerprint” for each and every recording. When in doubt the checksum that is generated can be used to prove a recording is the original and has not been tampered with.
  • Encryption: When activated this feature will encrypt all recordings on the AIS Call-Rec unit and on top of that also the actual database and the AIS Call-Rec software itself. If the connection to the unit is also via the HTTPS protocol the recordings are encrypted at all time.
  • Automatic backup to external media: The AIS Call-Rec can automatically back-up the recordings to an external network storage device, thus preventing data-loss in case of problems.
  • Automatic system check: Crucial features and hardware of the AIS Call-Rec are automatically checked, resulting in an alarm e-mail notification to a system administrator and / or (optionally) an audio/visual warning.
  • CSTA Connections for Unify Openscape Business, Openscape 4000 and the Avaya platform: With a CSTA connection the recorder can ask the PBX to actively direct the call data and the call itself from the phones to the recorder. This means less unneeded network traffic and less infrastructural problems.


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