APRESA Call Recording System

- Cost effective call recording
- Without compromise


Recording telephone calls, radio or other audio is used as an integrated part of business or security strategy. In some cases it is obligatory, in other cases it may be used for reference, training, quality management or security reasons, but in all cases it should work reliable. Since you are reading this we assume you know the reasons for this in your organisation.

With the AIS Call-Rec system, AIS Finland brings a recorder platform that can match with all others where it comes to the desired reliability and functionality, but builds this reliability in a surprisingly cost effective package.

At AIS Finland we believe that a customer should know exactly what he is buying and should not be confronted with additional costs for much needed “extra features”. This is why AIS Call-Rec is developed around the concept that all needed functionality should be built into the system. The AIS Call-Rec solution is scalable to any size of organisation.

The Call Recorder AIS Call-Rec is therefore the ideal recording solution for trunk or extension recording of SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1, TDM, Analogue and Audio (e.g.radio) communication.




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